Drew Manning's Fit4Life Coaching Program
Hey Guys!
My name is Drew Manning, from the hit TV show Fit2Fat2Fit on AE

I'm also the creator of the Fit2Fat2Fit Brand.

My journey over 6 years ago went viral online where I intentionally gained 75lbs in 6 months, and then lost it again in 6 months. This experience afforded me the opportunity to go on a lot of TV shows such as:
I learned so many valuable lessons on my journey that I've written about it on my blog, in my New York Times best selling book "Fit2Fat2Fit", and shared my knowledge on my TV show, where I coach other trainers, and coach other people about the lessons I learned along the way. 

Before my journey, as a trainer I'll admit, I was wrong. I focused so much more on the physical side of weight loss and transformation, and it wasn’t really helping people. Now, through this journey and these lessons that I've learned, I've been blessed to help transform thousands of people from all over the world. Not just on the physical side, but the mental, emotional and spiritual sides as well.

In reality, that is the key to living a healthy lifestyle overtime versus just doing another diet where you lose weight and gain it back. 

I put everything I've learned on my Fit2Fat2Fit journey into this program, and in it you can get access to me directly. You'll learn all the tips, tricks and hacks on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual side that helped me on my journey back to fit.

I take all the things that I've learned on the mental, emotional and spiritual side over the years and help you plug that in so that you can actually see results on the physical side!

But the focus isn’t just on the physical.

So I hope you will give me a chance, and if you want to learn more just click the link below and fill out the application.
Lets work together on this. 

Remember, it’s a lifestyle not a diet... a journey, not a destination. 

There is no finish line, so keep living the fit lifestyle, and I'll see you around!

Your Coach,

Drew Manning